Dave Price
Dave Price has been tattooing for 7 years. He enjoys a variety of subject matter be it large or small tattoos. He is most fascinated with Japanese influence tattoos. Wether colour or black and grey, he is always up for a challenge. If you would would like to book an appointment with Dave, call the shop, or click here to make an appointment . When filling out the online form, please give a detailed description and Dave will get back to you on further arrangements.

Kerry Temple
Kerry Temple was born to ink. Mentored by his father, tattooing runs in his blood as much as it covers his skin. Devoted to art, Kerry is a natural, easily translating creative inspiration on canvas. Tattooing in Calgary for 8 years, Kerry has built up an impressive portfolio. Taking pride in versatility, Kerry has incorporated many styles into his creative arsenal. As a perfectionist, his work is immaculate in detail. Book a consult today to put your idea onto skin. Click here to contact Kerry.

Ryan Krebs
My name is Ryan Krebs. I've been tattooing for five years and I like to do every style of work. Check out my stuff if you want to get tattooed.Click here to contact Ryan